The idea behind ‘Before We Wake’ is to give the participants the experience of being submerged in a dream – but a dream which is shared, rather than individual. The larp creates an alibi to talk about and examine your dreams.

The Dreams
Before the larp, the participants will select which of their own dreams they would like to explore. These dreams will form the backbone of a dramatic structure, and will become co-creations through roleplaying and physical drama exercises.

The Dream Envoys
As the individual dreams of each participant are weaved together, they form a communal dreamscape, which is inhabited by the Dream Envoys.

Dream Envoys are the characters of the larp, and in many ways, this is their story. Their assignment throughout the larp is to find and eventually communicate a message to the player. What that message is, is improvised during the dream sequences. The title of the larp refers to the time limit they are working within: The duration of one night’s dreams.

Playing Style
In the larp we utilize several different playing styles, such as physical, intuitive, interpretative, and dramatic.

The larp is divided into acts. Each act is followed by an intermezzo, where the Dream Envoy is reconnected with its player. As the acts progress, game mechanics will guide the Dream Envoys’ search for their message.

The genre of the larp is surrealism. This reflects in the setup of the stage through the use of light and sound as well as through the dreams and symbols that are used.

The Theatre
Physically, the larp is set in Københavns Musikteater, which is one of the larger blackbox theaters in Copenhagen. It is an ideal setting for this larp, as it gives us the possibility to employ effects which are normally only used in theatre production. Theatrical lights and sounds will influence the flow of the larp, and in turn the players’ input will influence how the light and sound play out. In a sense, light and sound become participants in their own right, as the interaction between players and effects is two sided.

Close to Home
‘Before We Wake’ is a larp that draws the life of its participants into its world. Your dreams and life challenges become part of the story. However, how much of yourself you want to commit to the larp is entirely up to you.

When you choose to submit a dream, it becomes shared, and you must give up your ownership and accept that it can develop in many directions which are different from the original. It is through the modifications of the dreams that players are able to affect each other.

Dream Diary
If you wish to participate in the larp, you are required to bring a number of dreams to our workshop. We recommend that during the month leading up to the larp, you keep a dream diary.

Dream diaries are excellent for recording your dreams, and will help you remember them more easily. By using a dream diary, you will be able to train yourself to recall more details which are otherwise often forgotten quickly after you wake.

If you want to keep a dream diary, consider keeping a note book or sheaves of paper by your bedside. Choose unlined paper, so that you can also make sketches. If you prefer, you could also use a voice recorder.